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About Viewpoint Ag

Dairy Farm

Our Story

Viewpoint Ag was established in 2019 as a small appraisal and consulting firm focused on agricultural industries in the Champlain Valley of New York and Vermont. In 2021, the firm grew to cover the entire Northeast as two experienced agricultural appraisers joined the firm – one from Maine and one from Vermont. Viewpoint Ag thus became one of the first firms in the region to focus on the appraisal and consulting needs of agriculture and related processing industries throughout the Northeast region. Our specialty is tackling the most complex agricultural business appraisal and consulting needs in our area; those requiring in-depth knowledge of agricultural industries.

As Northeast agriculture consolidates and farm operations get more complex, the valuation issues get more complex as well. Larger farms and agribusiness have a market that is regional or maybe even national. Local appraisal firms covering an area of a few counties within a state are probably not equipped to understand the market for modern farm properties and going-concern agribusinesses. Viewpoint was formed to help fill this need and provide our customers with the regional and national perspective that is required to address these complex valuation issues.

Our Team

Our team is networked with other ag focused service providers throughout the Northeast and the US. 


We are active in the Northeast Chapter of the ASFRMA, participating in leadership positions within the organization. Because we are networked with the most accomplished agricultural service providers in the nation, we can find you resources to answer your valuation questions - no matter how complex they might seem.

We are passionate about helping our clients get reliable and well supported valuations of their agricultural assets.  Our appraisers have a combined 45+ years of experience doing this type of work. But, if we don’t have the experience in-house to meet your valuation needs, we can very likely find someone that can help you from our national network of professionals that are dedicated to meeting the needs of modern agricultural businesses.  

Farm Field
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Rob Guay


Before starting Viewpoint Ag in 2019, I spent 11 years working in agricultural appraisal at a regional agricultural lender. During that time, I appraised rural property and specialized agricultural properties in NY, VT and NH.  Property types appraised include rural vacant lands and residential properties, dairy from 10 to 4,000 cows, maple, timber, orchards and apple storages, poultry, feed mills, grain storages, cheese production and aging facilities, value-added food production facilities, cold storages, vineyards and wineries, alternative energy including solar and methane digesters, and general rural commercial properties.

In the past several years, I have come to specialize in the maple industry and have completed valuations of numerous maple businesses in the region including several of the largest in the US. I grew up dairy farming with my family. Now we keep beef in the old dairy barn, and we work off the farm for a living. But we keep the family farming traditional alive each spring, making maple syrup in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. We are operating 14,000 taps for the 2023 season! In addition to the rewarding work, the maple business provides me an insider perspective on the maple industry that I am happy to share with my clients.

I also run a small farm store in Mooers, NY and have production experience in dairy, maple, direct market beef, pork, eggs and vegetables. This hands on know-how, coupled with exposure to a variety of agricultural industries has led to an understanding of production and processing logistics, business considerations and industry dynamics for numerous commodity agriculture and value-added production categories.



Nick Guyer


My appraisal career began in 2010 working with a small, family-owned firm in northern VT. In 2015, I expanded into agricultural appraisal at a regional agricultural lender, where I worked until 2021. I specialize in agricultural properties in VT and NH. Property types include dairy farms 10-4,000 cows (both goat and cow dairy), maple, timber, easement restricted properties, food processing facilities, farmettes, rural residential, cheese aging, robotic dairy, cold storage, and general rural commercial properties. My time in agricultural landing helped me to segue into a partnership role at Viewpoint Ag Valuation and Consulting, LLC, where I am continuing to work in the commercial agricultural appraisal sector. 

I live in northeastern VT and spend my free time pursuing outdoor activities or working on my small farmette property. As a rural Vermont native, I have an intimate knowledge of the area. My father has operated a logging business for the past 35+ years, which has given me firsthand knowledge and insight into the local timber markets. I have appraised multiple timber properties and log procurement facilities in the northeast. This practical experience, coupled with over a decade of real estate appraisal experience, has set the foundation for me to serve clients with a high level of expertise and first-hand experience in the multi-faceted agricultural appraisal space.


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Jerrett Goold


I have been involved in agricultural financing and valuation since 2004 when I moved to Portland, Maine. I came to Viewpoint Ag as a partner with Rob Guay in April of 2021. Living and working in Maine has allowed me to be exposed to a wide variety of agriculture. These markets include ag-lifestyle properties, equine, dairy, potato, forestry, aquatic, maple and agri-tourism. I have extensive experience with industrial properties such as sawmills, pellet mills, shavings mills and food production facilities.


Being a licensed appraiser in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont has provided me a unique perspective on agricultural for New England as well as the entire northeast. Over the past 18 years I have been able to network and develop contacts with participants within each of the agricultural markets. These include brokers, lenders, business owners, analysts and other appraisers. This has allowed me to better understand each market’s movement and what its reaction may be.


Tonia Brown

Appraisal Analyst

In October 2023, I joined Viewpoint Ag as an Appraisal Analyst where I currently support the team through sales research and development. Prior to working with Viewpoint, I worked for a non-profit organization to support struggling local families and their children. From there, I moved into a position with the Vermont Department of Health where I worked with local agencies and organizations to support prevention work throughout our shared community. Upon starting my own family, I made the decision to leave this work and focus, until recently joining Viewpoint, on the health and wellbeing of my own family. 


I am a native of northeastern Vermont where I received my college education, built my personal and professional networks, own property, and currently reside with my family. I have always appreciated living in rural New England where agriculture, farm life, and recreation has been a steady staple of our communities. Learning about these practices through a professional lens has only increased my appreciation for our mighty region and all it has to offer!

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