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Viewpoint AG
Valuation & Consulting 

Corn Field Barn

About Viewpoint Ag

Viewpoint Ag offers real estate and going concern valuation, consulting, and expertise in the agricultural sector across the Northeastern US and beyond. Our deep industry connections, rural real estate knowledge, and agricultural market expertise empower us to provide clients with informed decision-making insights.

We simplify complex valuation issues for our clients with clear answers that are based on the most recent available data. Leveraging our agricultural understanding, market awareness, and extensive network, we tackle intricate valuation challenges. In addition to traditional appraisal services, we have experience advising on collateral evaluation, optimizing liquidation value, and distinguishing between business and real estate value. We prioritize understanding your requirements, explaining the valuation process, and tailoring solutions to meet your needs.

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Our Services

Viewpoint Ag Valuation and Consulting offers appraisal and consulting services for a wide range of rural properties and businesses. Our team is highly trained and qualified to fulfill all your valuation requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will help you find answers.


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